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Eren surviving the skeleton war


i can’t believe that even after being on hiatus for months i have 520 followers 

  Anonymous said:
*whispers* I got a guinea pig...his name is Momo

Momo!!! omg it reminds me of momo from free god I love momo. (DID YOU NAME IT AFTER HIM) It’s probs a little cutie since it’s a guinea pig!

This was probably sent years ago but I only saw this now cause my inbox is constantly being flooded with piss and such so I’m really sorry whenever I reply after 9234083493 years :( 

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


Exhibit C:


see what i mean 


Click for fullview!

I’m finally posting the photos from the Madrid Japan Weekend! Thanks a lot to the photographers for this amazing photos of my Hinata cosplay∼

I will be uploading more pics soon!!


I’m 8 followers away from my next hundred. I guess this is what it’s like when I put the mun on the blog a bit more instead of only doing stuff when I’m naked and in makeup.

You should totally check this blog out and maybe give it a follow of you aren’t yet

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I just realised how in this blog your icon is jean kissing the sword while in your personal it's dead marco and it's just so fitting and the picture was in the same angle and the way your hand just oeihgaoesfh

image  image

You are right! I never even noticed that I was matching with myself?? Thanks for pointing that out tho now whenever I look at my own icon I just start feeling sad 

Got the amazing chance to meet Kaname himself in flesh and yes he is as gorgeous as he is in photos and not to mention absolutely nice too! He continuously talked to us throughout the whole m&g and sang us some songs as well DEAR GOD HIS VOICE THO 😭 I know I’m suppose to be “dead” already but I swear I died all over again #CosplayMania