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Currently working on Dead!Marco cosplay, Ligtning and Naruto!
Getting in cosplay this end of July so leave questions!! :)
and I like chicken nuggets
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//hey guys sorry for the inactivity recently!! But I’m getting in cosplay this monday for sure so I’ll REALLY do my best to answer the pile of questions on my askbox! Again realllyyyy sorry but feel free to drop more questions but there’s no guarantee I’d answer everything (though ill really do my best to) 


Things that will ruin your childhood forever


jfc you are the cutest annie ever i swear



Oh, uh h-how many Annies do you know?


But hey, you’re not too bad yourself.

  Anonymous said:
So if I reblog it from my self many times, it won't show up in the notes? I'm confused. (For the giveaway)

Tbh not quite sure but I think soooo (oh god I’m so sorry i am so unhelpful)

But just to make sure every time you reblog it just reblog it from someone else! :) click the notes counter and click on one of the people who reblogged and reblog it from them!


Why shikko-sha is my favorite person on this planet reason number one.

Hanji Zoe the 14th Commander of the Scouting Legion


You can’t have swag without strong bones.

  Anonymous said:
Hello I was just wondering if the giveaway winners will be chosen at random? And if you reblog it more than once do you have a better chance of winning?

Yes and yes!! :)

I’ll be using a random generator and as long as your reblog shows up in the notes counter than yes but I think you have to reblog it from a different person and not just from one person if you want it to appear! (Not sure but better do that to make sure) 

  vxnezuela said:
Holds up cleaning supplies. "I'm gonna help you clean that kitchen."



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