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Currently working on Dead!Marco cosplay, Ligtning and Naruto!
Getting in cosplay this end of July so leave questions!! :)
and I like chicken nuggets
Ask that cosplay

Ask blog for Hanji Zoe and Jean Kirschtein




Wow, okay. I don’t know what to say but thank you so much for following me and keeping up with my really weird ass blog. 

➝ Prizes

1st Place:

  • Any attack on titan cosplay wig [if you don’t want a snk wig I guess we could work something out]
  • Titan pajamas! [with matching underwear]
  • SnK wallet 
  • Poster signed by Reika [I had an extra]

2nd Place:

  • A attack on titan plushie of your choice [I’m not sure if they have ALL the characters though]
  • Eren’s key necklace
  • 2 Attack on titan key chains of your choice

3rd Place [sorry this one kinda sucks I’m poor]

  • You get to choose my next snk cosplay [but take note that I won’t do some characters…. you know like connie cause I’ll never be able to pull that off]
  • My unending love maybe a hand in marriage
  • A really creative promo from me
➝ Rules
  • You MUST be following me because again this is a giveaway for my wonderful followers who actually didn’t unfollow me after seeing my face
  • Please don’t follow just for the giveaway 
  • No giveaway blogs, I’ll check. 
  • Reblog as much as you like just please don’t spam your followers
  • Ask box should be open [If winner does not respond by 48 hours, I’ll be picking a new winner]
  • Must be cool with giving me their address

Giveaway ends on AUGUST 1 [I’ll only have enough money by then]

Good luck!

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[P.S. My dog is not part of the giveaway]

4 daaaays left!

//hey guys sorry for the inactivity recently!! But I’m getting in cosplay this monday for sure so I’ll REALLY do my best to answer the pile of questions on my askbox! Again realllyyyy sorry but feel free to drop more questions but there’s no guarantee I’d answer everything (though ill really do my best to) 

jfc you are the cutest annie ever i swear



Oh, uh h-how many Annies do you know?


But hey, you’re not too bad yourself.

  Anonymous said:
So if I reblog it from my self many times, it won't show up in the notes? I'm confused. (For the giveaway)

Tbh not quite sure but I think soooo (oh god I’m so sorry i am so unhelpful)

But just to make sure every time you reblog it just reblog it from someone else! :) click the notes counter and click on one of the people who reblogged and reblog it from them!


Why shikko-sha is my favorite person on this planet reason number one.

Hanji Zoe the 14th Commander of the Scouting Legion


You can’t have swag without strong bones.

  Anonymous said:
Hello I was just wondering if the giveaway winners will be chosen at random? And if you reblog it more than once do you have a better chance of winning?

Yes and yes!! :)

I’ll be using a random generator and as long as your reblog shows up in the notes counter than yes but I think you have to reblog it from a different person and not just from one person if you want it to appear! (Not sure but better do that to make sure) 

  vxnezuela said:
Holds up cleaning supplies. "I'm gonna help you clean that kitchen."



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