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Giveaway time!! Because I finally reached 1k and because I’m starting fresh with this blog by deleting old posts and changing theme ++ 


- Must be following me

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- Answer before 42 hours

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- Attack on titan manga limited edition 

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Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.


Some photos from last Otaku Expo!! 

Monobear - Rha Hong

Genocider Syo - Me 

Photographer - Chou, Me

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Hey guys you should totally check out this blog and hit the follow button!! She’s hella nice and you won’t regret following her for sure. A+++++ blog, must follow B-)

Some unedited photos from Otaku Expo last saturday! i swear I’m gunna post more when I’m not lazy

Lara Croft (?) | Monobear Togami Genocider Syo



I’m on Omegle. Try to find me if you want to! Usual snk tags as well as cosplay.

Find her and help her find herself.


Ah yes, it was finally time for me to do a follower forever since I’m at 297 followers, and racking up more by the day. Preparing for a few hours work, starting… 
Now. ;3;

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I don’t really even know if I did this right? And I sort of screwed up with the first second because I tried adding something in the middle of the names, but then it probably erased some people’s names… Eugh, I spent two hours on this, I don’t have anymore energy in me to look for the names again when there might have only been like three missing. 


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Hey guyyyyyys!! So sorry I’ve been away for the last few days… I think a combination of being super busy, feeling really shitty about myself in general and having no motivation to reply to my threads, just meant I kind of lost my muse for a little while there… Then I felt even worse because I was keeping everyone waiting and… Yeah I needed a short break from Tumblr haha.

However! I’m back now XD and determined to do better by you all.  So, what better way to come back than with my 400 follower forever!

First of all, I’d like to begin by thanking each and everyone for following me… Just thank you all so much.  I’ve never loved or cared about a group of, or as many, people in my entire life as I have with the people on here…  Whether through our threads or messages, on Kik or Skype, or just liking and re-blogging the crap I post haha, you’ve all made me feel so happy and loved and that I have people I can talk to and be happy with and make me not feel sad anymore and… yeah… thank you all so much ♥ You’re all some of the nicest people I have ever met and I really appreciate everything that you have done for me and my new found anime life XD


So let’s get started on some very special people to me :3 (In no particular order haha!):


Stephanie mun and her being my irl Satsuki-sama:

You were one of the first Kill la Kill blogs I started RPing properly with I think?  I’m sure you were haha.  However, regardless, thank you for getting my AU Levi set up and agreeing to role play with me, as my entire back-story behind my KlK Levi is formed around your RP XD  You also made me ship Satuvi (Satsuki x Levi) real freaking hard haha.  So thank you for that too! XD   You are an amazing writer, and one of the best Satsuki’s around, to me at least, and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like haven’t not spoken to you so thank you♥  You’re also a precious, lovely, sweet person I very much enjoyed talking to you on Skype and hearing your voice.  We should do that again some time XD

|| apxstate ||


Rony mun and her many, many blogs:

Ahhh big sis ♥ How can you not be on here!  You’re single handily propping up the Kill la Kill fandom with all your many blogs XD What can I say about you hmm… WELL! You’re incredibly nice and have been a very good friend to me as of late.  Your artwork is so perfect and gorgeous and I love it so much it hurts… Aya and Lady!Junketsu are some of my favourite art work of your because they are beautiful and chubby Junketsu on your blog is soooooooooo cute omg! Thank you so much for just being you, which is an amazing, kind, beautiful person ♥  I ALSO CANNOT WAIT TO RECEIVE MY PRIZE ART AHHHH :DDD Also, for the free icons and allowing me to have more sexy, smirky Heichou in my life hnggg! Thank you ♥

|| ihaveballsundermyskirt || tricitycosplayer || la—pureza  || greatbrightness ||


Vee mun and her former Erwin, now Armand obsession:

VEEEEEEEE!! You may have left the SnK fandom but you can never leave me, not whilst you want me to fulfil your shipping dreams XD Thank you so so much for adding me on Skype and basically talking to me every day since then.  As soon as I come on your there and it makes me so happy.  I know that you come off as some badass, stoic German, but really I know you are a precious sweetheart and I love talking to you so so much.  Thank you for being theer to talk about Fantasy and RPG’s and again, just being there for me ♥

|| dux-senescendus || the-spoiled-cook || botticellicious || krasavchix ||


Annu mun and our epic journey…:

So… Annu… We’ve been through some stuff together haven’t we..? x’D  I think I’ve already told you everything that needs to be said but I’ll say a little bit of it again here.  You are one of the bravest, kindest, nicest and strongest people I have ever met and I love you more than I can say…  I love everything about you and thank you for being in my life… I still can’t imagine what you must be going through but I promise I will be here for you through everything… I love you Annu ♥

|| ask-the-soldier-with-the-scarf ||


Kate mun and our mutual  Mirai Nikki/ Tokyo Ghoul love:

Kaaaaaate!! Thank you so much for messaging me out of the blue just wanting a conversation with me aha! It was so sweet and made me so happy and has led to a great friendship.  Thank you for letting me scream and cry about Free/ Minene/ Tokyo Ghoul with you and for being another good friend to me!  We need to go to a con and cosplay together sometime!! ♥

|| call-me-levi ||


Fourd mun and her fangirling XD

One of my main memories of Tumblr will probably be when I joined a Skype Snk roleplay group on Skype and said hello and Fourd here literally screamed with joy as if I was a big deal and called me her senpai XD  I was so overwhelmed and happy and you’re so precious and sweet hun and I love talking to you on Skype!  We need to properly RP some time and thank you for being awesome! :3 ♥

|| fourdd ||


I’m currently reaching 1,000 words and I haven’t even got to half of the people I want to write a huge paragraph about yet haha… GARRR THIS IS HARD AS I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE ANYONE OUT! This was much easier when I did my 250 one … Ok… I think I need to wrap this up so I’m going to just list all the other amazing people who mean so much to me.

If you feel you deserve a paragraph about you though, message me and I will add it to the end aha :3


Awesome, awesome mun’s whom I love:

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Pheww XD That took about two hours to write so yeah, thank you everyone!!! We should all talk more and I’m sorry if you’re not on here… As I say, we should all talk more haha :D ♥♥